“Everything is a Sample” – An Exclusive Upcycled Collection by Xzavier Zulu

“An ode to his late father, Xzavier’s collection is inspired and unique.” – Denim Dudes

Xzavier Zulu can be simply described as a multifaceted artist, that leans more into art directing and upcycling. He dabbles in between being a member of the The Sartists, which a collective of four faces that are a coalition of Joburg-based creatives, being a Markerting and PR for Adidas Originals and being Kanye West’s incognito twin brother.

“Being a part of a collective is an incomparable support network within itself built on trust and respect, Xzavier expresses.” – Xzavier Zulu

Xzavier started his “journey” (for a lack of a better word) with Levi’s® South Africa a while back but through The Sartists as a collective. The journey formed a relationship which introduced us to what we know now as “EVERYTHING IS A SAMPLE” approximately two years ago. “EVERYTHING IS A SAMPLE” is simpler terms can be delineated as an upcycled collection which only includes once-off pieces created from vintage and new denim garments.

The collection was exhibited at Sole DXB in Dubai two years ago and on the 29th of April this year the collection was re-released as an archival collection exclusively at Beautiful Things Studio in 44 Stanley.

“EVERYTHING IS A SAMPLE’ is a collection of upcycled one-off pieces created in partnership with Levi’s® South Africa. The collection expresses my love of denim and utilitarian wear by reconstructing pieces from the Levi’s® in-line catalog as well as thrifted pieces throughout my years.” – Xzavier Zulu

Denim Dudes describes this collaboration and collection as a body of work that represents of Xzavier’s approach of recreation and starting all over again, yet using cultural touchstones and iconic materials to create something bespoke.

To get your hands on the remaining once-off “EVERYTHING IS A SAMPLE” collection visit the pop up store from Tuesday – Saturday between 10:00AM & 17:00PM. The prices range from R499 – R4499

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