Faka Isintu Es’tayeleni.

By: Mukondeleli Mushiana & Asande Kubone

Over the recent years, we’ve seen the trend of animal print taking over, but the Zulu tribe has been wearing it for decades. “Zulu people revere leopards, and consider it a totem animal with special powers“. The Zulu people have valued leopard print for centuries. History states that King Cetshwayo was the first monarch to wear “amambatha“, in the late 18th century. Fast forward to latterly and leopard prints have transcended far beyond the Zulu Kingdom.

We found these four beautiful images of Miya Twala, K Skits, Thapelo Molefe and Langa Thomas on different platforms and the first thought that came into our minds was creating a photography series, “Faka Isintu Est’ayeleni.” Bathi “Ingwe idla ngamabala ayo” which when translated means, “A leopard eats by its spots”. The meaning of this phrase simply means that an individual makes a living off their talents. We celebrate a black woman, black queer body and black men with this series, izingwe ezifaka isintu est’ayeleni futhi ezidla ngamabala azo.

Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
Miya Twala by Friends By Ned
K Skits by Mr 4ox, Francis Buseko, Ben Moyo and David Blaq
Thapelo Molefe by Luthando Tshangela
Langa Thomas

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