Five @ Five: with Katlego Mokwana.

We now live in a world were creativity is at its peak more so because of the global pandemic we were unexpectedly immersed into. People are exploring and creating content daily & creating different mediums of art and it’s no exception for Katlego Mokwana, a founder of “Mother of Gao” a sustainable fashion brand and a Dj. Mokwana is a fashion graduate from Lisof, she has worked with Fhatuwani Mukheli at his agency, “I See a Different You” and she is now solely focusing on being a dj and her fashion brand.

I got an opportunity to ask her five questions about herself and her professions in hopes of getting to know her better.

1. To people who aren’t familiar with you, how would you briefly describe yourself and the type of creative work(s) you do.

I’m a very calm individual who tries to tackle her days by spreading love and showing people my cute smile. Part of me showing love would be through fashion and music, these are my main creative escapes, however I tend to entertain myself with either taking pictures of objects and places I visit or simply have unplanned photoshoots with my muses in that current moment. I have secret creative ventures that I rarely share publicly. I paint, sketch and write but this is merely to express my emotions and get to know Katlego better as she changes over time.

2. How were you introduced to Dj’ing and the type of sound you play?

To be honest I never imagined myself or even dreamt of becoming a DJ until 2020. It started off with me sharing weekly Spotify playlists on my instagram and some of my regular listeners would suggest that I should consider mixing and playing live sets, so I took that and ran with it. The type of sounds I play are mostly influenced by my late grandfather as he introduced me to Jazz and I believe that it is the root of all music, so I’m drawn to Jazz and I also enjoy playing Beat centric/future beat sounds which are inspired by me simply exploring music. On the other side of the game I’m an intense fan of deep house and this has been influenced by my older brother.

3. Since you’ve ventured into Dj’ing what has been your highest and lowest moments?

My highest moment was the very first set I played, I was so nervous and clumsy because I had no experience whatsoever but the love I got after that 1 hour of escape and being nervous was so calming, it made me feel that I was on the right path. However, my lowest moment was me getting cold feet because I had been booked for an event with a line-up that consisted of experienced DJs, which made me doubt my tender foot skills as I am still new to this beautiful scenery.

4. Tell us about “Mother of Gao.”

Mother of Gao is an upcoming clothing brand that aims to give off a sense of tranquillity that is found in nature, meaning that its main goal is to connect to nature by introducing organic textiles and sustainable production processes as a way to contribute positively to the environment.

5. Not only are you the founder of your fashion brand “Mother of Gao”, you are also a mother to Gao your bundle of joy. What would you say are some of the myths and lies of being a young mom.

That as a young mom you miss out on growing up like how a normal young adult should and you won’t have time to go out with friends and enjoy life like you would if you didn’t have a child. Personally I feel that growth is different for everyone, we all experience it in different variants and in my case experiencing growth with my daughter has been the biggest blessing because I am slowly becoming the woman I’ve always envisioned myself to be and I know for a fact that it would’ve never happened this way if she was not here. As for going out with friends and enjoying my youth, I do that so freely, I even forget I’m a mother at times. It’s really a balance between channelling your young spirit with your young “mogul” and still finding time for yourself to have fun and live in the moment.

Baby Gao

Check out her fashion brand ig brand

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