Five @ Five: with Thapelo Molefe.

Thapelo for KasiFlavour10

The best way to describe this week’s Five @ Five guest is that he is easy-on-the-eyes and he’s a multidisciplinary artist. He is one of our favorites here on this publication and has been featured on Culture Club – Magazine on the Faka Isintu Es’tayeleni and on Siyakhwehlela Vol.1 Fashion Film. This introduction won’t entail much about him, but the rest of the article will. Here’s how this Five @ Five dialogue went:

1. What’s the simplest way to describe for Thapelo Molefe is ?

You can describe Thapelo Molefe as a brother just like any other. I’m trying to make my ideas come to life and I am a hustler and a natural born chasing mafia. I’m also a creative that’s in their own space lost and trying to find myself. I’m a model, working on my film photography (I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer) I’m just an ordinary person like any other.

Thapelo for KasiFlavour10

2. Tell us briefly about Stylarjam.

Stylarjam is my life my family and a collective that actually made me, we are not friends but we are a family. We are not a flock but a rat race we move as a unit. Stylarjam is not a brand and it won’t be a brand we are just trying to come up with different ideas and approach to the industry. We are trying to change peoples perspectives of fashion and anything that has to do with artistry. We like calling ourselves our own agency cause we have photographers, models, we make music and we also work on drawings. As the Stylarjam collective we have been together and known each other our entire lives. We just niggas from the hood that love the same thing and we stuck together for so long I know eventually we will have a break through —Stylarjam is art, Stylarjam is the future, Stylarjam is the next big thing.

3. How has been in front of different camera lenses for different brands and projects been like for you ?

Being in front of different lenses and working for different brands has been one of the best experiences. I’m learn something new everytime, I’m either in front of the lense or behind the lenses. I’m really grateful for the people who have thought of me when they want to shoot something, it’s really hard working with some brands but I take every shoot like a baby step eventually all will make sense and align. The experience is everything as I’m also getting knowledge from it.

film photography shot by Thapelo

4. Has the pandemic affecting your creativity and how you used to do your creative work ?

The pandemic has had a negative impact on how I move and how I do my things in a way of not being able to source clothes from places like thrift, but it was really a blessing in disguise basically because it gave me all the time I needed to know where I’m going and what I really want to do on the creative industry—(I was stuck in the hood with a camera and stylarjam, we really worked on a lot of shoots which took us 3-4 baby steps ahead to where we trying to get to so the pandemic affected me in a good way.

5. What’s your motto in life?

Let the work speak for itself and eventually everything will align itself!

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