Siyakhwehlela Vol.1 Fashion Film.

Image sourced: Instagram (@siyababaatelier)

This past weekend, Siyababa Atelier released their Spring/Summer 2021 fashion film.

The gqom luxury appeal brand pulled out all the stops for this one. The visuals accompanied by the heavy, dark, hitting gqom track by Kesiiemuziiq felt like a homepage to the early gqom days. The collection features very striking statement pieces which were beautiful showcased through the use of the music.

The visuals are truly authentic while the music takes you to a whimsical place and time where the only tunes everyone moved their heads to was gqom. This collection screams high end New York Fashion week showcase while the setting juxtaposes the entire feel. It’s how the music, setting, clothes and over all atmosphere scream new South African order, where the youth are breaking boundaries and creating fashion that is authentic to our current times. The fashion film is very sexual and liberating while breaking gender stereotypes and encouraging gender nonconformity.

If Vivian Westwood and Alexander McQueen had a love child, it would be Siyababa Atelier.

Here’s the video for the fashion film:

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