“Trouble in Paradise” Album Review.

Source: Instagram(@shekhinahd)
Photography credit: @portrayedby_

Durban born singer/songwriter Shekinah, whose government is Thandi Donnell recently dropped her sophomore album titled “Trouble in Paradise” about 4 years since her debut Rose Gold. Having waited this long we have been anticipating this one since she released one of the singles Fixate which features Niarobi born singer Bey T.

After the disruption and the covid forcing everyone to go back and find themselves and really have time to focus on their surroundings and what is supposed to be important to us Shekinah seems to have been on the same boat as all of us.

The first song “Tides” welcomes us with a bouncy free flowing work of art where she sings “True love, I’ll swim for you love, ayy don’t you love the way we do us, do us somehow shit just got too much” there indeed seems to be trouble in paradise.

Source: Instagram(@shekhinahd)
Photography credit: @portrayedby_

On the Noble production produced song “Questions” she asks many of those which revolve around elevating a friendship into something more serious and what if it doesn’t work out and they ruin what they already had.

One of the last songs on the album is I Love It Here which takes us on a trip down memory lane when we did things our parents forbade us to do like sneaking out the house at half past eight and drinking their wine while they went out on vacation. This is an ode to one of her favourite places, Home where she finds herself whenever the city life becomes too much which I’d assume happens to the best of us.

Having listened to her debut album Trouble In Paradise shows us a more grown up Shekinah since the one we saw on Idols and we love to see and be on this journey as she evolves to hopefully one of our generations greatest RnB/Pop artists. We love this album and would definitely give it another listen.

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