The New Wanda Lephoto T-shirts Didn’t Live Up to Their Campaign and It’s Quite Dispiriting.

Art work & poster design: Rendani Nemakhavhani

As a consumer and receiver of anything “culture” related and a writer I write a lot of reviews and a balance between good and bad is always needed. I have respect for Wanda Lephoto as a designer and an artist. The Wanda Lephoto ® brand is undeniably consistent and has a good back story, but the t-shirts are more than often underwhelming.

The only thing that is a miss match with the brand and it’s aesthetic is the designs, which are the important element of any fashion brand. Comparing the latest “Poster T-shirt” with the actual poster together with it’s campaign (which was exceptional and beautifully curated), there’s a gap in between which makes me uneasy. We can all agree that the Wanda Lephoto ® Fall Winter 2021 Hair Salon campaign elevated our expectations of the next t-shirt release.

The poster t-shirts are the last piece of the Lephoto ‘salon inspired t-shirts’ puzzle, but instead of leaving us with our jaws dropped this set of t-shirts left us utterly speechless and confused.

With the brand that Lephoto has built for himself and after the release of t-shirts like the “WL Double Logo t-shirt”, the beige “Natural Salon Tee” and “WL Mask Tee” we were starting to expect more from the brand and more or rather the same effort on the t-shirts as on the other designs, like the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

If you feel the exact opposite about how I feel about the t-shirts, visit Orphan Street Clothing Shop to get your hands on it.


Photography: Aart Verrips.
Styling: Chloe Andrea Welgemoed.
Art Directing: Chloe Andrea Welgemoed and Aart Verrips. Hair: Tammi Mbambi.
Assistance: Oratile Moh and Lebogang Ramfate.
Models: Ketia Kalala, Gabriel & Koa Motlala.

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