FASHION BLOCK : Streetwear in South Africa

The streets are home to many and home is where the heart is. There is no better place to withdraw inspiration from but the heart, home.

This is why, every year the street fashionsphere in South Africa increases immensely with the influence being citizens hungry to express their identity and push all visible boundaries.

According to the Urban dictionary, “Street fashion is considered to have emerged from Californian surf and skate culture. Encompassing elements of hip – fashion and Japanese street fashion.” To us , street fashion goes way beyond the cliches that make it to Western catwalks.

After absorbing as much as we could while in search of our very own identity we have infused our styles in ways the world could’ve never expected. It is no longer a case of street fashion defining us , than us defining tomorrow’s street fashion.

A great example is how South Africa has taken the skateboarders inspired American brand , Dickies and has turned it into one of the biggest distributors to our Pantsula culture. With each garment the ecstatic dancers are able to create a sense of home , from the way they flip their bucket hats that crown their heads , to the “don’t touch my ankles” pants that are purposely done to show off “isokisi” as their Chuck Taylors hit the brown dust beneath them.

It is fairly impossible to turn a blind eye on the great influence and power the youth culture withhold in street culture because who else would effectively represent a culture brought together by lack of rules but the rule breakers themselves ?

Streetwear brands on Culture Club’s radar :

Wanda Lephoto

Wanda Lephoto is a street and workwear influenced South African fashion week regular . Established in 2016 by two members of the multi-disciplinary collective , “The Sartists” , Kabelo Kungwane and Wanda. Having had collaborated with the likes of CROCS as well as being recognized by Woolworths STYLEBYSA as one of South Africa’s top designers , their aim is to tell stories by finding a balance between traditional symbolism and modern subculture style through their strong tailored and detail oriented silhouettes.

Wav Waxx

Wav Waxx is a streerwear brand as well as manufacturer/distributor. All the way from the suburb Mankweng in Limpopo , founded by self taught upcoming fashion designer Samuel Ramoshaba, AKA “Wokeup.” With the mission to come out with more futuristic designs, it is vividly depicted in each collection with items like their famous utility vests , astronaut like tracksuits and oversized silk turtlenecks. With their South African pop up currently on hold due to Covid -19, we are promised exclusives when they hit the road.


Proudly brought to us by Thabang Rabothatha AKA “Bangy” from Pretoria, Johannesburg. With the ironic slogan, “we gon’ love forever” the brand exhibits ,”the hyper-emotional millennial generation.” Supporters have been actively involved in the growth of DEAD. through their conceptual pop – up tours “DEAD. stock soireë” as well as collaborations that include one with South African musician and producer Muzi. By creating gender neutral garments Bangy pushes the stereotypes through an alternative approach to designing streetwear basics.


An environmentally friendly brand brought to us by up and coming fashion designer Naledi Molefe AKA “9a9a.mashwe.” His passion for fashion sprouted from thrifting outfits for conceptual photo shoots to grace his blog to establishing w/69 in 2018. W/69 consists of three “futuristic” departments; versatile streetwear, waste management and recycling. Their aim is to educate through fashion the importance of keeping South Africa clean, by using the three Rs “Reuse , reduce , recycle.

Behind every trend is a street narrator, how you interpret the story is absolutely up to you. That is street fashion, it has a manifold definition and gives you the freedom to define it in a manner that you want the world to hear

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