Rich Aunty: Photography Series By Andrew Mkize.

written by: Ntokozo Zwane. Photography by: Andrew Mkize. Muse: Qondile Vilakazi.

Rich aunty is a personal project that was created by Andrew Mkize in collaboration with Ntokozo Zwane and Qondile Vilakazi. This is a photographic series that tells the tale of Rich Aunty aka uMama sgebengu, uSister Bhoza and how she’s the queen of self cav.

Allow us to introduce to you uRich Aunty. Ungamuzeli ngobuso ngoba uzophoxeka. Her skin is golden brown armor crafted by the Gods with patience, she possess the spirit of a warrior Goddess, in sight of danger she never quivers, unfazed, unshaken.

Model: Qondile Vilakazi (@qondilevilakazi)

Count your words when you speak to her, her tongue sharper than an okapie, quicker than the hail of bullets from an AK-47 and she can take it just as well as she serves it, but very few can handle the fire she brings.

Photographer: Andrew Mkize (@drew_mkize)

Her body, a fortress built on a rock solid foundation of self-cav, adorned by the finest jewels, never settling for less than what she knows she deserves. Ruler of her Queendom, she long surpassed dreams of being a princess, she is a powerful black queen. Reigning from dusty streets of the township, gracing streets of gold in the heart of Johannesburg.

Styling: Ntokozo Zwane (@kozo.zwane) Model: Qondile Vilakazi.

With her 4C crown, shades to avoid eye contact with those who will crumble at her gaze, attitude reminiscent of a shebeen queen and a movie star. She is aware that she is the spitting image of divinity, grace and strength.

Set Design: Ntokozo Zwane

Don’t be quick to dismiss her because she is power, she is a woman, she is womandla personified.

She is my Rich Aunty, uMama Sgebengu, uSister Bhozza.

Videographer: Andrew Mkize

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