SAFW Spring/Summer 2019: with Andrew Mkize.

Words and photographed by Andrew Mkhize.

Street Style.

Everyone was eager about this years’ fashion week, not to bad mouth last years’ fashion week but people couldʼve done better. Fashion week is about expressing your personality through your outfits and showing how you can coordinate colors, textures and knowing what looks good on you.

Itʼs no secret that the pressure was way too high this year. Fashion has taken a big turn in South Africa and itʼs all thanks to the younger demographic of SA that has been the driving force of the fashion curve.

A carefully organized event with the perfect location in Sandton the heart of high end fashion, so itʼs safe to say people came to make a statement. The were friendly faces whose outfits spoke for themselves before you sparked a conversation with them.

As a photographer itʼs always a blessing to have people who are friendly and willing to get a picture of them taken. The was good atmosphere, everyone and anyone was comfortable to chat up and let you in a bit about their outfits and itʼs inspiration. Media was in abundance with the presence of the best in the industry such as the likes of Cedric Nzaka ( @everydaypeoplestories), my oldest friend from school Reabetswe ( @picturesbyreabtswe) and many more.

The relationship between photographers always brings a smile to my face, we never see competition and never show negativity towards each other, it feels like weʼre all part of this one big community and we always support each other.

On Wednesday they showcased collections by Wanda Lephoto,Thebe Magagu and MmusoMaxwell. The runway construction and seating was perfection, you could see the runway from any angle and any seat. The music was fitting and it brought that vogue culture into reality, it felt as if at any give moment the likes of Kim Jones would walk out and present his collection.

The models who were casted did an impressive job. South Africa is doing great things and creatives from all walks of the country are coming into the industry with a BANG! After meeting and talking to a few designers and creative directors the coming shows are going to be nothing but something that’ll be written in the history books of the South African fashion industry.


The is respect for each others work and patience because we know how people get when they get their pictures taken.

Andrew Mkhize.

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