The Big Hash vs. J Molley: Is It The End of The Rivalry?

Source: Twitter

The hip-hop/rap industry is very special in a way, we don’t only get bangers and club anthems, we also get to see rivalries between two or more artists which leads to them going head to head lyrically and musically.

When Stogie T started the Friday freestyles I don’t think anyone was expecting to hear a diss freestyle. The Big Hash took to Instagram to post his freestyle dissing J Molley days ago. This got a lot of people excited, and the Twitter streets were shaking cause everyone believed that Big Hash bodied J molley and there’s no way he’d respond. It only took 24 hours for J molley to retaliate with his diss track titled “Pallerbearer (The Big Hash)” with a cover art that seems a bit controversial.

Source: Twitter

Now that they had both said things to each other through the tracks, people started comparing the two disses, many believed that J Molley went in hard, whilst many other believed that Big Hash swept the floors with J Molley.

So who “won?” is it a tie? Or is it still continuing? Well J Molley tweeted, “There is an ugly, distasteful racial narrative that’s gaining momentum & has nothing to do with the music. That is a battle I can’t win & personally do not want any part of. To those that believe in & support me, thank you. I’m only getting started. It was fun until it wasn’t” a day ago after people were saying his cover art is racist after they heard the second last line were he said, “Funny how you pulled the race card, that’s even shady for you” and another were he said, “try come for Molley again and I’ll have you hang by a noose” but in the early hours of this morning The Big Hash released a second diss track featuring Flvme titled “How To Kill a Dead Body” produced by official808x and people had mixed reactions seeing a feature in the diss track.

Source: Twitter

The Big hash went on a few hours after releasing saying he’s done with this beef because it’s getting out of hand, “Yo, I’m done with this beef. Niggas taking shit too personal. They dropped a diss track, I never said anything coz I knew what it was: Hip-Hop. Now when I respond, niggas wanna whine about old business & get touchy. I respect J for barring up, but his team gotta chill, I’m out” Is this the end of the beef? Or is J Molley going to respond with a track? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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