I spent my past Saturday at, Hub Space’s “Backyard BBQ Social” and with no regrets , the long travel was worth it. Rumour had it that the great space, “behind FNB branch” in Vanderbijlpark CBD had new owners , a familiar pop – up crew, My Street Wardrobe.

Welcomed to the open on the 4th of December, it is a fresh pozi that brings to you collectable thrift pieces, accessories and safe piercings too.

My Street Wardrobe is a “fashion creative hub that engages all young creatives across mediums of art and fashion” , the store wall inked with Instagram handles is evidence . The team is made up of active contributors to the culture, Nhlanhla, Mbalienhle, Troy , Mpho, JR and Puffy, their influence in the streets of Vaal is undeniable.

Not only is Hub Space a business place , it is a playground, “for the kids by the kids“, that hugs creatives with their cosy events that take place in and out of store , time and again.

I rushed into the space minutes before the doors were locked due to the reached capacity. Met half way by the smell of braaied goods, laughter, mumbles and good tunes, the playground was the place to be! Despite chances of rain.. beautiful faces and nothing but the best kicks filled the space. While in my platform leather slides, I realized that the memo had missed me. People of the Vaal have an impeccable taste in kicks! Shout out.

Body movers were likes of : Babyboyskiips , Breakfast Monk , RARECLUBMUSIC , Uncensored and more were present at this social gathering. The crowd was open minded and their response to the variety of genres played, was pleasant to watch.

The atmosphere was not in any way intimidating . Better yet , it was inspiring , from the energy radiated to the laid back fits I spotted.

The power of art is its ability to brew love among strangers – and My Street Wardrobe was able to yet again do this

If you ever find yourself in Vanderbijlpark CBD, do visit Hub Space for collectable thrift pieces , accessories, safe piercings and love too.

Find them on these Instagram accounts :


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