Pantone Sundays.


When Nandi Dlepu decided to host a monthly color themed party, it was clear that she was onto something. Aesthetics, food, music and fashion are the main elements that make Pantone Sunday’s an event cut above the rest.

Each edition has a color theme and dress code. Individuals who attend this event always dress adhere to the color scheme, dress up and show off. The snaps and updates from the events social media pages, always leave one wishing they could attend the event, in their finest rich auntie aesthetic outfit.

Guess over the course of the year, Pantone Sunday’s related FOMO will be a real thing. Can’t wait to see what they have in stores for us, next month, when the event kicks starts on a new 2020 aesthetic. To find more about Pantone Sunday’s check out their Instagram account @pantonesunday 






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