DEE KO”WOAH”LA , 4TheKhaltsha

By: Tandaza Simama

If the saying, “dynamite comes in small packages” was a human being it would undoubtedly be the Cape Town Khayelitsha based, Xhosa “new school spaza” rapper, Dee Koala. 

She steadily made her way up into the industry tree house when she released her hit single Whuzet in 2018 and has been effortlessly filling gaps ever since . 

Along with becoming an Adidas Originals ambassador plus hosting the #huntersgreenroom, heating The 2019 South African Hip – Hop music awards stage along side Yanga Chief , balcony chilling with Silkour , collaborating with SELFI clothing and perfecting her “Woahs!”, she still had the time to birth to us her debut mixtape “4TheKhaltsha” 

Dee Koala x Danielle Cathari for Adidas ZA

The 14 track project is a walk through the streets of Khayelitsha which includes party bangers, “Ndintswempu “featuring Amilica Mezarati and SimulationRxps, “Friday Freestyle” and adding to the list is a definite anthem “4 The Khaltsha” featuring Lookatups.

Dee Koala and Lookatups on “4TheKhaltsha” music video set

Our favourites “Whuzet” , “Nkqo Nkqo” featuring Moonchild Sanelly and “Sel’iwash Yodwa” are strategically placed to complete the list . 

4TheKhaltsha tracklist

She reveals to us a more sensitive side of Dee with tracks like “Thando” featuring Chosi , “Ndanele” and “Ghoni Gyel” that showcase her writing abilities and flexibility as an artist . 

4TheKhaltsha is an authentic piece of work and great reminder that Dee Koala is the culture. 

Whether its through her unforgettable performances that brew moshpits or her humorous Instagram videos , she has crept into our hearts . 

Dee Koala on Pop Bottles stage

Keep climbing Koala , this world is yours.


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