We Are Here For It | SA Presents First Transgender Health Care Facility.

Culture Club is all about wholesomeness, if its about people? We’re there for it. If its about inclusiveness, we’re the first ones at the party! It is also exciting to see that South Africa is also dancing to the same tune!

This is following recent news sourced by ENCA regarding the Wits Reproductive Health Institute, which is at the forefront of the very first launch of a health care facility for transgender people in South Africa.

Healthcare is a different ball game and to witness this kind of urgency placed around it is satisfying. Someone once said “familiarity soothes fear” which got me thinking about how events like this also ensure that ordinary people become acquainted with the LGBT community, because let’s face it, the kind of prejudice these people face also happens beyond a healthcare facility. The moment one steps out of their home, they’re already prone to a no regard sphere from people, even attacks, in which this is the beginning of a wonderful initiative however as a country we’ve got a long way to go.

The healthcare facility which has been deemed the first of it’s kind in the country is primarily meant for transgender people and is available in Johannesburg as well as other selected provinces, as much as this will make a difference in trans people’s lives, it also highlights the discomforting fact that in order for them to have a prejudice free and fearless access to basic things like healthcare, like any other person, they need to claim their own space. Which to a certain extend is absolutely absurd, however as a country we are moving, luckily we are going somewhere, even though slowly.

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