Dj Doowap’s Music Transition From Being A Dj To An Independent Artist.

By Mukondeleli Mushiana.

The Swazi-born Dj and now independent artist Khetsiwe Morgan, widely known as Dj Doowap is famous for her electronic bass music and I believe that’s where she got her “bass queen” nickname from. Dj Doowap announced on her social media accounts that she’ll be taking a different route musically after also mentioning that she’ll be releasing her debut EP titled “Mood Swings”, which was released on Friday the 29th of November 2019.

One thing I love about South African creatives and artists is that they are no longer allowing their crafts to be boxed. Doowap has a distinctive sound which makes her music more intriguing, authentic and original. Be sure to stream, download and buy Mood Swings by clicking on this “link

music is such a power, and it’s something we need. It’s a way of sharing love, it’s a way connecting with people and I love how we always come together for music.

-Dj Doowap

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