HUSH: A Short Film On Gender-Based Violence.

The statistics of Gender Based Violence in South Africa have increased five times more than the global average. As women, we find ourselves having to go to great lengths to protect ourselves. “The solution to South Africa’s gender based violence crisis is to not task women with the responsibility of arming and protecting themselves, but rather, to change the societal narrative around women and their bodily autonomy.

Hush follows the story of a young lady who meets her assaulter at a party one night. In that very moment, the traumatic events of what happened come flooding back, forcing her to relive a moment she would rather forget. With the progression of the narrative, we are also introduced to the fact that her assaulter is mutual friends with her boyfriend and their circle of friends. Suddenly the phrase “the world is such a small place”, means so much more then what meets the eye. “The social dynamics between the two of them, and their circle of friends, soon begins to unravel” (Galasko, 2019).

Hush isn’t just another short film. It is a visual representation of the world we live in. The realities faced by thousands and thousands of women, each day. It is a voice for the voiceless, in a country where women’s cries continue to go unheard.

This short film is collaboration between a group of women, many of which are sexual assault survivors. This short film also shines a light on the devastatingly emotional, psychological and physical impacts violence has/continues to have on women in our country.

When will all the pain and suffering come to an end?

Click on the link to watch the short film:

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