Face, skin and body dysmorphia.“

Ever since I was a kid until today I still get “old fashioned” bullied by my family and peers by pointing out how “big” I am or how I need to change or wear something. I wanted to be part of the first campaign but on the day I had school commitments. I really loved how everything panned out. I loved being a part of this second one because I love how all the three previous girls (who looked gorgeous by the way) were able to talk about their insecurities with confidence and so much ease. I’ve always wanted a platform to talk about the things I go through on a daily because of the type of body that I have, my hyper pigmentation skin and my supposed big face.

Chile, everyone has insecurities just because people point yours out or yours are naturally visible doesn’t mean you are any different. We are all gorgeous and that’s on PERIOD!. Own your flaws that’s when you’ll realize the uniqueness and beauty in them.

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