Saggy boobs, weight gains, love handles, stretch marks, dark eyelids and acne pimples.”

Being part of this campaign is very important for me because I have had many people make remarks of me they were unaware hurt me. I’ve build so much dislike for some parts of myself to the point wear I once wanted to change my entire wardrobe to baggy tops and such. This is a great chance for me to voice myself along with other beautiful people and just being in an area where you aren’t just listened to and not heard but embraced would be a lovely chance. Also showing other people that you’re fine the way you are and that we all have problems we can’t fix but have to learn how to love and live with.

Somethings can’t be changed, when that clicks, you should embrace those imperfections. Begin to love yourself for who you are, you are your worst enemy so develop a positive mindset and it will shine right through you. 

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