My boobs.”

I actually wanted to be a part of the very first campaign but I wasn’t ready for people to see me for my flaw which is having saggy boobs at a young age so I spoke myself out of it. Today I am much stronger and I am slowly but surely falling in love with the way I am. I’d love to be a part of this campaign because unlike before I am now ready to embrace this flaw and ready to show everyone around me or just everyone watching that I have been battling with myself for the longest and all it took was self acceptance for me to realize that this is who I am and I absolutely love her.

Beauty is happiness and self-acceptance and if you not happy with who you are and if you don’t accept yourself for who you are, who will? 

One Reply to “Amorosa”

  1. Personally, I highly resonate with this particular story because I had a similar if not the exact same experience growing up. The fact that I had bigger boobs than my peers and friends in the beginning of high school made me very uncomfortable (still does on bad days) but I’ve grown to love & embrace them.


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