Spina Gusheshe Like A Skateboard.

It’s been a minute since I dropped anything for the family. Actually, it’s been a long time but as’kho lapho.

I just came across a video on @prsdnthoney’s Instagram feed. It’s a 48 second video of her sitting on top of a spinning gusheshe while there’s a voice over of Nina Simone talking about freedom in the background. Just looking at the visuals that were captured by Sisterboza and Lerato Mbangeni evokes a nostalgic feeling in me.

Firstly, the sound of the spinning car and roaring engine reminds me of the first track of Mlazi Milano which is ironically titled Spina Gusheshe like a skateboard, see what I did there?

Anyway, the second emotion it evokes definitely has a lot to do with my love/ fascination with Gusheshe’s and Mlazi Gangster. As a kid, I went through a phase where I dreamed of being a professional drifter. I’m yet to realise that dream since I still need to get my license at my big age.

Above all else, seeing Prsdntoney waving her satin doek while the BMW spins is an empowering image on its own. I mean, she looks like a boss and she’s owning her freedom. In a way, she’s embodies the visual representation of what freedom means.

Check out the video here:

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