Ghetto Fabulous | Zine & Satin Textiles.

“To be ghetto and fabulous, all at the same damn time.”

A few years ago, Miya Twala released a fashion film titled Nomasonto, Sunday’s best. It was a short film that explored the relationship African people have with clothing and how they showed up dressed to the T’s every Sunday for Church. In the short film, the main character Nomasonto, shares her story about how her father would buy clothes in the Joburg CBD and how every Sunday they would rock these outfits at church.

Miya Twala as Nomasonto for the short film Nomasonto, Sunday’s best

A month ago, PR$DNT Honey in collaboration with SisterBozza and Lerato Mbangeni released a body of work titled Ghetto Fabulous.

Upon first glance, it looked like the project would be an interpretation of their take on lokhishini life. When they released the full body of work, it definitely shined a light on what it means to be ghetto and fabulous…true PR$DNT Honey style.

Photography credit: sisterbozza

“Ghetto Fabulous as an expression in this body of work speaks to the relationship that we, Black people have with art and fabric.”

Photography credit: sisterbozza

Remember when I touched on the project that Miya Twala released? That’s an extension of the relationship we black people have with fabric/clothing.

Remember at some point almost every black house hold had a portrait of that beautiful lady who’s hugging a baby? That’s also just one of the many examples one can draw from when they continue to explore the various relationships black people also have with art.

The most iconic picture to Grace SA house holds.

I love how the concepts around being “ghetto” are slowly being changed and interpreted in a different light. For the longest time being considered “ghetto” hasn’t gotten some really bad PR. Love that now there’s a shift around the term. A much more positive spin on what it means to be ghetto.

Here’s the link to Nomasonto, Sunday’s best:

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