The Nostalgia Behind “An Ode to all Buccaneer Female Fans.”

We are for a lot of things, but authentic South African stories? That’s our number one thing. So seeing the KasiFlavor10 photo series titled “An Ode to all Buccaneer Female Fans” felt quite nostalgic, not only because I’m one of those female fans but mostly because all the closest women in my life are. Each and every member of my family is an Orlando Pirates fan.

An Ode to all Buccaneer Female Fans teleports me back to some fond memories. Our house was once decorated with antic Orlando Pirates 1995 teammates hardboard posters. I remember reciting the players names (abo Legs of Thunder, Tebogo Moloi and MaGents just to name a few) and getting to know all the legends to also knowing the new youngsters from watching every Ezinmnyama Ngenkani match almost every weekend.

The fondest of all memories has to be the one that I went to Orlando Stadium with my mom and dad. It was a “moms and daughter’s” special for the Orlando Pirates fans, my mom and I got in for free. I just remember sitting in the middle of my parents holding a bottle of Coca Cola with my eyes glued on the field.

As mentioned on the KasiFlavour10 article written by Lebogang Ramfate, “we seldom hear about the Orlando Pirates ladies supporters club and their contributions to football history. What would the beautiful game be without its beautiful people? The amount of support that comes from the fans carries football teams to victory or the lack of, lands teams in defeat.”

KasiFlavour10 in collaboration with Sho Ngwana and SisterBozza created a photo series that is inspired by Orlando Pirate’s female fans- a group we feel seldom gets it’s shine. Kasi Flavour10 tailored a cropped Jersey with asymmetric pleated chiffon paired with chiffon wide legged pleated pants, which was created in effort to pay home to our Bucs Divas across the world.

I undeniably love this modern artistic rendition of “diski divas” and seeing soccer kits being the focal point of the photography series.

Credits: Accessories by SisterBozza, photography and creative direction by Sho Ngwana.

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