Our Shining Star, Elaine is Set to Drop New Music.

Image Courtesy of Twitter.

“Patience is virtue. The heart works best when it’s humble. God is faithful” – Elaine.

Elaine, unexpectedly dropped a 14 seconds long video clip titled “The Shining Star: An Intro” on Wednesday, April the 28th which can be described as a new music teaser and a reflection of her journey as an artist. It was then followed by a 3 minutes, 50 seconds YouTube video that we can refer to as a “mini docci-series” or “short-film.”

This video encompasses of her talking about her love for RnB and her father influencing her love for this particular genre’ “my dad introduced me to RnB when I was six years old and since then that’s all I wanted to be, an RnB singer” she mentioned. With her beautiful to witness rise to success, after the release of Elements, getting signed by US giants Columbia Records and being announced the most streamed South African Woman artist on Spotify, we are quite excited for her new music.

“There’s a special type of power that comes with being overlooked and undermined for a long time..” -Elaine

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