Elaine, You’re The One: Music Video.

Shot by: Emille Kamada @GRIMMSHOTS

Today (05/04/2020, at 7pm), Elaine debuted the long awaited music video for her hit single, “You’re the one.” The music video was directed by Shala Martin popularly known as Shala the unicorn with a cameo appearance from John Davids.

The song, “You’re the one” is a single from her EP Elements, which she independently released last year. The video is a beautiful visual representation of how it feels to be in love. The visual aesthetics of the video represent the honest, beautiful and scary elements associated with following your hearts desires.


“Being open and honest in a relationship is so important”

In the opening scene we are introduced to Elaine in a green room standing near the window, we don’t get to see her directly we are introduced to her from a “window shoppers” perspective. The scene progresses and we get to see her, up close as she progresses with the scene. That’s the only thing “spoiler” we’ll give you.

The concept of the video is beautifully created. Taking you through the journey that the songstress vocally and visually illustrates through her music and the video. Stream the video on YouTube right now. 

Shot by: Emille Kamada @GRIMMSHOTS


Executive Producer – Elaine

Director – Shala Martin (@shalatheunicorn)

Editor & Associate Producer – Nape Phasha (@Napephasha)

Director of photography – Keith Benza (@keithbenza)

First assistant director – Reeza Thomas (@reezathomas_oyob)

First camera assistant – Thato Tshao (@blvcktshao)

Stylist – Julienne M’poko (@studiojulienne)

Gaffer – Lwazi Manzi (@justanotherhuman20)

Production designer / BTS – Emille Kamanda (@GRIMMSHOTS)



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