Five @ Five: with Eben Badu.

We are back! and to kick the Five @ Five ball we have, Amsterdam-based fashion connoisseur, co-founder of The New Originals and musician, Eben Badu. Drawing some of his inspirations from his Ghanaian roots, Eben has expanded his influences to South Africa by collaborating with a local streetwise brand, Backyard Group. I got a chance to ask him a few questions and this is what he had to say:

1. When the The New Originals emerged as a blog back in 2015 did you, Rizky and Maru ever imagine it being one of the trailblazing streetwear brands? In addition how was the transition from being a blog into a lifestyle streetwear brand?

We started the blog in 2011 and shared the collective with a bigger group of friends which consisted of artists, musicians, dj’s etc from Amsterdam in a time were the market we were in was smaller than it is now! Through our internships we did at Filling Pieces, Patta, we managed to learn more about both industries.

2. What does “Thinking outside the box” mean to you as an individual?

Every moment and time challenge yourself when you feel boxed in.

3. How did the collaboration with Backyard come about?

We met Shadin through a mutual friend of ours from Capetown , Jeremie when he came to visit us in Amsterdam!

4. Let’s dive into the music facet of your life, are Eben Badu and Retronezer the same person but two different characters?

Yes! Music has always been something close to me, a way to connect and tell stories!

5. What did you fall in love with first? Fashion or music?

Music, since this was also a way to identify with my Ghanaian roots and connect!

Bonus question: to close off what advice would you give an aspiring designer or musical artist navigating this creative world?

Creativity is something that’s endless! Try to bring out as much as work you can! And be fluid with it!

We can not wait to witness what else The New Originals team and Retronezer have planned for the year of 2023!

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