Friendly’s New “Little Foot” Hiking Collection.

The new Friendly t-shirt collection draws its inspiration from South Africa’s Sterkfontein Caves, where there have been discoveries of unknown species. “We find the caves relevant as the first Friendly Hiking Club icon or rather an inspiration as it plays on the representation of the close relationship between humankind and nature.”

The Friendly team describe their latest offering as a “curiosity-drive” collection – reminiscent of some of their childhood and school days in history class where they got to learn about their region’s history, the unknown species, the evolution of the human race and lastly understanding the environment and making ethical decisions that consider the environment when creating.

We like exploring new ways of engaging with the world beyond social media in search of ways to have engagements that result in inspiring our community. We know there’s no wifi in the forest but there are better connections thus we’ve opted for nature driven collection.” – Friendly

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