Corteiz Presents “Rules the World” Campaign Unveiling the New Airmax 95.

British-Nigerian Clint Ogbenna is his government name but publicly he is known as Clint 419 – founder and creative director of one of the UK’s dominant streetwear brands Corteiz (Rules The World). Originally launched in 2017, Corteiz RTW grew briskly and organically in the past five years and its distinct brand logo of Alcatraz Island can now be spotted everywhere.

Why Alcatraz Island you may ask? Clint said in an interview with Complex that the Corteiz logo represents how living in society feels like a prison and Corteiz is about “escaping from the societal restraints that we’ve grown up with to pursue what you really want to do.”

Corteiz unveiled its biggest collaboration in mid-January with Nike. This engrossing partnership will be bringing new Airmax 95s in three colourways which were revealed in a 2-minute and 43 seconds campaign video directed by Walid Labri starring some of the UK’s big names. A release date for the collaborative Airmax 95 hasn’t been disclosed yet, but since it’s Airmax month we hope for it to be released on the 26th.

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