“Dala it Yourself” with S.W.A.N.K Jozi.

S.W.A.N.K is Huge!

I’m all for gratifying collaborations, and the recent one by S.W.A.N.K is unquestionably gripping (see what I did there?). Before I talk about the collection, let me tell you all about S.W.A.N.K. 

Transcribed as a side hustle and hobby that sprouted in high school, and an unconventional business which focused on reselling rare urban streetwear to friends and family… this local brand has grown and evolved over the last nine years and now it’s safe to say S.W.A.N.K is huge.

After their collaborative pop up with Nigeria’s collective Waffles n Cream , S.W.A.N.K announced its “Dala it Yourself” collaboration with Sista Ntswembu – Joburg’s nail pimp, Chow Mein – which I believe is a graffiti artist & Maglera Doe Boy & Bodega Boys.

The t-shirts collections were first released in Cape Town at Pot Plant Club on the 1st of September followed by the main drop in Johannesburg at the S.W.A.N.K store on the 2nd of September. Each t-shirt speaks to its collaborator but still keeps the essence of S.W.A.N.K and that’s the beauty of collaborations. 

Get your hands on these limited edition T-shirts in Braamfontein at S.W.A.N.K store

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