Urbanized Township Energy In Makhalanjalo’s New Song “Middle Center.”

Photography credit: @metisimetisimetisi

Apeshit youth members are more of dedicated art cult than a creative group, a tree that forever grows branches that are never still. Makhalanjalo and Dokotela have been active members of the group both serving as multidisciplinary creatives. Although why did they take such a long time to produce music ?.

Diving into South Africa’s new age kwaito genre before it reaches it’s climax Makhalanjalo safely positions himself as one of the pioneers which can only be validated through consistency. uDokotela kicks of the song with a fiery verse full of tsotsitaal rhymes adding a certain energy to Gifted Soul Child’s melodic groove giving more life to the sound. Makhalanjalo has stated that the title is a homage to the early days of “Jam Alley.”

Before the internet we’d sit and watch hours of television and one of the best youth shows was at the time was Jam Alley“ – Makhalanjalo

To listen to “Middle Centre” click here.

Photography credit: @metisimetisimetisi

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