Lord Apex & Cookin Soul Dropped The bullshit. 

The bullshit sounds exactly like when a wizard meditates before turning on the entire world, the calm before the storm of an MC and beat maker duo genesis from their upcoming new album “Off the strength.”

Cookin soul’s beats feel like coming back at home from a 3 hour long cold trip and finding out they cooked your favorite warm meal. Most people fell in love with their production from their work on Cj Fly’s “Thee way eye see it” and are hands down one of the most hard working beat makers in the underground Hip-Hop realm and industry as whole.

While Lord Apex may maintain his status as a underground rapper through lacing his vocals on lo-fi beats he is not shy to test his flow on trap beats as well, with songs like “say that” and “like you know” featuring the New York rap veteran Wiki, Lord Apex’s lyrical progress is evident with each and every song, the underground hip-hop space is developing on a rapid pace with producers like the alchemist getting nominated for grammy’s we can’t hep but wonder the impact this album will have in that space.

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