Breaking News | An EP By Magnus & Kamohelo.

Daveyton bred street Photographer turned musician visited Stockholm and became the only voice off the meds. Kamohelo teams up with smuggler music’s electronic dance music and broken beats producer Magnus. The EP follows continuation of their collaboration Bara Para. 

Using tsotsi taal (township slang) Kamohelo narrates different scenarios that most of the time do happen in South African township. He writes conscious lyrics that are covered in humor and coated in sweet electronic beats. 

The EP is an overall part of a emerging dance music sound. On the premier song of the EP “Have you heard?” Kamohelo stamp his role in the alternative dance music realm and shares his reality of a vision that sees his longevity in the streets of Stockholm through perhaps a permanent residency, “Oh he’s back on a train” he writes in the song, frustrated at the fact that returning might slow down the progress of his rising stardom.

To listen to this body of work, click here.

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