Sentiment | An Experimental Short Film By Kuukua Eshun.

Kuukua Eshun is a Ghanaian-American (splitting time between Ohio and Accra) film director and an all-round creative alternating between film making, writing and being a poet. Eshun released a short film that she wrote and directed a year ago titled Sentiment which is an experimental short film. This short film can be conveyed as a cinematic expression of mental health and its harsh startling realities. This film has little to no dialogue but takes us through a visual storytelling in an abstract way.

Sentiment, is interpreted on its film synopsis as a film that “sheds light on mental health and the horrifying reality that it often forces us to disconnect from our emotions, the people we love and the world. The idea that time and space consistently changes around us based on our feelings.” It’s quite refreshing seeing such topics being sparked by Africans in different forms but equally as loud mainly because mental health is shunned in our African societies.

Daniel Attoh, the cinematographer did a stellar job with the cinematography and the visual storytelling by using natural lighting, warm colours and using a subtle colour palette which brought out elements of softness but also created a sombre mood which carried the essence of the abstract storyline.

If you haven’t watched this film, be sure to click on the link below and watch this exceptional short film.

Directed and written by : Kuukua Eshun

Instagram: @Kuuksss

Production company: @accraStudioslive (AccraStudioslive)

Starting: Ansah Live and Rebecca Mensah

Cinematography: Daniel Attoh

Music: Obed Wølrd

AC: Kwadwo Addo

Edited by: Daniel Attoh and Brown Bruce Derrick

Special thanks : @boxedkids (Boxedkids NGO)

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