Friendly | First T-shirt Collection Titled “Create You’re Self.”

Friendly is not entirely brand oriented but rather a design company and programming perimeter taking consideration of ethical consumerism in clothing and community as well as sharing inspiration through products while paying homage to the art and culture in Africa.

Founded by the late kgositsele Motata, this brand didn’t end as just an idea as the founder was deceased, but rather it regained more than it could bargain. Motata’s co-founder recruited his friends and Motata’s friends who became a part of this brand’s close circle and creative team and some of the individuals include; Thato Bokote, Ofentse Ntuli, Luna, Sage Sula, Olwethu Damage, Calvin Dithepe, Gontse Malatsi, Khanya Mnisi and other friends.

The Friendly first t-shirt collection titled “Create, You’re self” is described by the creative team as a neo-expressionism collection touching on the struggles of young creatives and/or individuals who find it difficult to bring their ideas into life. It is the first work to be released under Friendly, they believe it carries all the weight of their team’s contributions into bringing this idea into to full fruition.

The t-shirt features one of Friendly’s creative primitive doodles which doubles as the brand’s signature. The doodles are Friendly’s very own Picasso face art rendition as they appear as faces made out of different objects and multiple shapes, this highlights that they are different individuals coming from different backgrounds with different life experiences that shaped them differently however their differences when merged created Friendly.

To get your hands on this t-shirt, you should send a direct message to the Friendly Instagram account.

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