Vogue Nights | An Elite Night Life That Doubles As A Safe Haven For Queer Identities.

Photography credits: Sandra Nagel

Founded by Lelowhatsgood, an award-winning “groovist”, cultural curator & DJ (amongst many other things), Vogue Nights is detailed as an inclusive movement for music, fashion, art and dance, redefining South African queer culture. It is further detailed and expressed as, “a space event for members of the queer community who seek visibility, survival and acceptance in a city that hardly acknowledges their existence.”

It’s a movement that is redefining culture, shifting norms and proclaiming Johannesburg’s nightlife scene that’s rarely inclusive.” – Between 10 and 5

Photography credits: Sandra Nagel

Lelo, is one of many queer identities creating safe spaces for the LGBTQI community in this country. He endowed a space (which I believe should be a norm) to queer identities for them to freely and safely enjoy the night life both in Johannesburg and Cape Town with no fear of being ridiculed and abused physically and sexually by homophobes and men.

Culture Club – Magazine loves and celebrates both the founder, Lelo and the space Vogue Nights for being in the forefront of creating safe spaces for one of the most marginalised communities.

Photography credits: Sandra Nagel

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