Style Diaries: with Eko Styler.

Photo credit: EkoStyler

Culture Club presents to you it’s newest program titled, Style Diaries which will be articles that will be published every other week. The articles will encompass of the latest fashion trends, fashion brands and emerging fashion designers. We will be featuring stylists, fashion enthusiasts and maybe designers to compile a fashion mood-board that consists of their favorite looks, trends and brands.

Welcome to the very first episode of Style Diaries. On today’s episode, we’ve collaborated with EkoStyler which works as a unisex fashion review page for Nigerian fashion brands. The idea for EkoStyler came into fruition based on the little knowledge the average Nigerian consumer has on the brands within the Nigerian fashion industry and how accessible their products are. Thus, EkoStyler aims not only to create more exposure for Nigerian brands, but mainly to appreciate and provide a critical evaluation of Nigerian fashion brands, in order to allow further exposure to potential clients, as well as to pressure these brands to provide good services and well lasting products for its Nigerian consumers.

Here, they’ve given us 5 summer trends that are taking the Nigerian fashion scene by storm. Not only that, but they’ve also put us onto some brands/collaborations that have stolen our hearts.

Banke Kuku Feather Pyjamas

Banke Kuku is taking the world by storm reinventing the definition of pyjamas with her feather pyjamas. This set comes in a wide array of bright and tropical prints. It gives effortless rich aunty vibes. Suitable for weddings, brunch, dinner and even a wedding. This is a must have in every Lagos big girl’s closet.

MairaChamp Bag

Why only put accessories on bags, when you can use accessories to make bags? Maria champ does absolutely this. Their bags have an abstract design and they are doing something absolutely unconventional. These bags come in various colors and prints. It is definitely a staple perfect for the summer time.

Nessa Swimsuit by Ofuure

When anyone thinks of summer they think of bikinis so it is more than fitting to add the “Nessa Swimsuit” by Ofuure to our summer trends list! This beautiful electric and baby blue with a cocaine white mix gives off vibes of chilling by a clear blue ocean with the wind in your hair and the sun shining and warming up your skin! The underwire that forms a ‘w’ shape gives the necessary support to the chest region as well as it creating a wonderful design on anyone’s body.

Abiké Jersey Tank by Abiké Shop

The Abiké vest is all over Instagram and definitely one to watch for the summer. The embroidered lettering and colourblock hem give this otherwise basic vest a playful, easygoing vibe, perfect for a casual day out. The brand’s signature top can be paired with its matching jersey mini skirt for a relaxed co-ord moment, straight denim jeans for an edgy vintage look, a tennis skirt for more of a sporty feel or even made formal with a leather pant and heels. We’re absolutely living for all the different ways we’ve seen this top styled on their Instagram and looking forward to greater things to come from Abiké soon!

“NBDA × SVNTR Geo Tech Slides”

The “NBDA × SVNTR GeoTech Slides” with its adjustable velcro straps and buckle closures is a streetwear lover’s dream, with the popularity of cargo pants, vests, zippers and velcro everywhere. It is only natural that the Nigerian streetwear scene has hopped on board just in time for this to be a summer staple. The slides come in three neutral colours white, black and brown, allowing them to match perfectly with practically every outfit and swimwear colour. It is truly a cross-section of design and comfort and definitely a choice for the girl looking away from traditional sandals.

Thank you for tuning into our first episode. We hope through this series, you’ve discovered something new.

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