Folktale JHB | Home, Alone.

Photography credit: Sizwe Mbiza

I may be eight months late, but I stumbled upon this on Instagram only yesterday afternoon and I thought I should write something sweet and short about it.

Folktale Johannesburg, is a Joburg-based creative collective described as aiming to bring life to the lifeless and tell authentic South African stories. The creative agency had a mock collaboration with Levi’s Haus of Strauss Africa in the beginning of the year. The collaboration was a YouTube series titled ‘Home Alone’ which is said to look at how creators get inspired, stay creative and stylish while quarantining in their homes.

The first episode and only episode of this gripping YouTube series features Liziwe Kwanini affectionately known as Mamthug, a junior accountant turned cultural curator, content creator, collector, collaborator and DJ. The episode welcomes us into Mamthug’s aesthetically pleasing apartment with luscious house plants, in which we got to hear about how she felt about the national lockdown and the impacts it had on her.

If you haven’t watched it, click the link below to watch the first episode of Home, Alone.

Video by @raileyvahed, Styling by Didintle and photography by Sizwe Mbiza

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