Spoiler Alert: An Insight Into Blood & Water Season Two.

Parkhurst High returns with a rocky start between Puleng and Fikile following the revelation of the DNA results. The drama ensures to test old alliances and forging new and unlikely friendships. A new school therapist joins the staff, and a new hunk, Sam, joins the Parkhurst gang, with both bringing a few secrets of their own… One thing that we can all be sure of is nothing is ever as it seems and nobody will be left unscathed by the truth – Netflix’s official synopsis for Blood & Water, season two.

I know you are dying to know what happens on the second season of South Africa’s thrilling Netflix series that leaves you sitting on the edge of your couch after each episode, Blood & Water. Well I’m here to give you all the necessary spoilers you need to know about this season which was long anticipated.

Firstly, Puleng and Fikile did what we’ve been wishing for them to do, DNA tests which unfortunately came out negative, because someone fiddled with the original DNA tests. Puleng’s parents believed she (Puleng) was on drugs at some point as she had failed her drug test. Puleng and KB broke up (sounds great, on my end) and he recorded a diss track featuring Youngsta CPT which he performs at a school event. Fikile confronted her mom about something that we all want to know of, is she a Khumalo or not? Did she abduct her?

Moving on to the more intense parts of this storyline, there’s a new gentleman in town, joining Pankhurst to be exact and his mom works at the school as a counsellor and she also worked with Fikile’s mother and KB’s father back then, meaning she’s fully aware of all the shenanigans that happened before and after the abduction.

She has always been blackmailed to keep quiet, which led to her framing Puleng with drug at school when she continued digging too much in who abducted Fikile. The cliffhanger for you is that, KB’s mom was also involved in Fikile’s abduction and she kidnapped Fikile’s mom from prison to save her.

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