Five @ Five: with Lia Butler.

Lia Butler is a singer and songwriter from the east coast of South Africa, Durban. She describes herself as, “an artist in learning, storyteller in grooming and novelist in training.” From her description you can tell she’s versatile with her storytelling and writings as she dabbles from song writing to literature.

Lia also describes herself as a New Age Soul artist or rather the Meghan Stallion of deep soul and describes her sound as offerings inspired by the wavy city of Durban and the beautiful life experiences in it. She has only one body of work, Smiling Through Everything, under her belt and a handful of cover songs. Currently on tour with Desire Marea & Nezimakade which started in Netherlands, to Germany and Paris, Lia sure is working her way up to being the artist she hopes to become. I had a chat with and this is how it went;

Photography by: Busisiwe Chiliza

1. Which genre(s) of music influence your musical style?

Before I was highly influenced by RnB and I think it was because at that time to me as a female artist you were more acceptable doing that genre if not Hip Hop. And also I was still peeling and exploring more layers to myself, but now I can proudly say that soul plays a huge part in influencing my music, ischathamiya, jazz and more traditional music as well

2. So, it’s safe to say that you significantly blew up after your Amalobola remix. How has your sound and music making changed since you first dropped Amalobola remix?

With Amabola remix I was still discovering myself and my sound. I think it somehow helped me shape myself to who I am today and helped me navigate through my sound because that remix or should I say was very soulful and for the longest time I was doing RnB so right after that I found my sound and what I’m really comfortable doing. Also after that remix it taught me to be more open to much greater things you know, I got to explore so many “Lia Butler’s” into me. And in my music I’m more carefree now. I get to cough in my adlibs yet it pretty much still sounds cool, I get to do all these weird things I’ve always wanted to do in my songs actually now because I’ve found who I am.

Photography by: Busisiwe Chiliza

3. Following the question above, I could say that some people know you because of the remix, but what do you want to be known for?

Ahem.. I’d want to be known as a musical genius I believe I am. And someone who gets to show the reflection of themselves in their music. I want to be known as Lia Butler not just “that girl who did Amalobola cover” because there’s more to me than that. There’s more to my music than just that cover. I also want to be known for my writing. I’m thinking of publishing my first erotic novel soon because I’ve always been very sensual and sexual and not afraid of it.

4. How has the journey of finding your voice as an artist been?


And funny thing as I was finding my voice I also got to find myself spiritually as well and I think I’m more aligned with my inner self now and that what made the journey more beautiful because I know understand the purpose of making music because this is not just talent but a gift I was given to by God and my ancestors to heal and I’ve been doing just that. Also it helped me so much finding myself because I’ve stopped comparing myself to other artists and wanting to sound more like them. Now I sound like myself. It’s so crazy because every time after recording I literally just laugh at myself and say “why you haven’t been doing this because you’re so dope!” and I think being able to find my voice somehow also helped me with my confidence as well.

5. Is there any body of work in the works right now?

Yes. My project is already done hopefully coming out soon. I’m so excited about this one because people will know get to explore all these layers I’ve been peeling into me and also all the different women in me.

Be on the look for Lia’s new project & have you heard ‘Smiling Through Everything’ by Lia Butler on SoundCloud? If not, listen to it now.

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