Ajabeng “AfroRomance” Spring/Summer 2022 Campaign.

Founded three years ago, Ajabeng is a Ghanaian contemporary unisex clothing brand said to have been “birthed at the intersection of minimalism and contemporary African art and culture. The brand combines these two seemingly tangential elements to create an aesthetic that captures both the purity of minimalism and the vibrancy of African culture.” Ajabeng was founded by a multifaceted creative that also happens to be the designer, stylist and creative director of the fashion brand, Travis Obeng–Casper. For their Spring/Summer 2022 campaign Ajabeng, trusted Richmond Ekow Barnes to produce the campaign shoot as well as the collection’s short fashion film both titled AfroRomance. The campaign intertwines fashion and love. The fashion film exudes young African love at its finest and most glamorous and that’s all thanks to Rachel Lawerh and Odartey Aryee for writing and directing the film.

“It is a nostalgic ode to unfiltered romantic African love as intimately captured by the lenses of the continent’s most celebrated visual artists. Inspired by the work of Senegalese filmmaker Mati Diop and Ghanaian photographer James Barnor the collection attempts to capture the essence and blissfulness of young African love as masterfully as Diop does in her film Atlantic and as Barnor often did for Drum Magazine to achieve this, the collection is set against the backdrop of the most popular of West African romantic settings the seaside, from which it draws its colour palette The collection’s delicate balance of sensuality and modesty is a nod to the young African women who have come to personify elegant sensuality.” – Ajabeng

Photographer: Fiifi Abban, Muses: Nuerki & Emmanuel Wilberforce.

Watch the fashion film below.

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