Joda Kgosi Pours Us A Glass Of Sour Milk With Her Debut EP.

Joda Kgosi is a 20 year old singer and songwriter, that introduced herself to us through her two 2020 singles Lunatic and Truth is. She is undeniably one of the millennials reviving the RnB/Soul genre here in South Africa. She recently released her debut EP titled “Sour Milk” which Apple Music describes as a “metaphoric tale of romance well beyond its best-before date.” She used the writing process of this EP as a way to have a solo therapy session with self. “It felt good to finally get stuff off my chest” Kgosi said. The EP has a total of seven songs, and each song tells a different story about this very rocky romance tale.

Source: Twitter

The EP starts with a song titled Pity Party, which is a bit self-explanatory. It’s a tale of a girl feeling sorry for herself all because her boyfriend decided to leave her without a valid explanation. On this particular song we hear Kgosi melodically piercing her smooth vocals through the slow and mellow beat all the way from 0:00 to 2:38. “Tear drops, tear drops one after another” she sang. 

Source: Twitter

The entire EP follows through with a similar mellow sound that has slow beats that are balanced by Kgosi’s “balmy” vocals that transports you into a rhythmic and melodic out of body experience that leaves you feeling soothed, calm and uplifted. The two most popular and most played from the EP are Sour Milk, which is the lead single and the closing song I Miss You. To immerse your ears to this beautiful body of work, it’s available on digital streaming platforms.

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