TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST – A Short Film By Stiff Pap.

Oh my gosh. WOAH.
Is it that new Stiff Pap?

Yes, yes it is but this time around, not only did the duo give us a new album, they also have a short film titled ‘TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST’ to match. Now, you’ve probably heard that ancient saying about Johannesburg, kwa nyama ay’pheli kuphela ama zinyo endoda. ‘TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST’ some what embodies that saying but with a Stiff Pap twist.

Through out the whole film, we follow Stiff Pap as they navigate themselves through out Johannesburg. They take us on a ride as the two are seen in a Quantum or walking through the streets of Goliwood. One can not talk about the short film without highlighting the subtext within the film. As much as we are touring the streets of Joburg, we also get to see the struggles that come along with living in the hustle and bustle of eGoli especially during a global pandemic. This is shown through the use of news clips, posters and bold graphics throughout the film. Lyrics such as, “My niggars still living in shacks, depending on SASSA” furthermore emphasise how the struggle continues to be real for the everyday person.

In an interview with Fader, Stiff Pap share how: ‘TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST’ is about how hard life has been during the pandemic and how our government has been letting people down, specifically poor black communities. The film also makes use of punk aesthetic which is the films over running theme. This theme is shown through the music and in how Jakinda is dressed. Indeed TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST.. only tough people last.

Check out Stiff Pap’s new album TUFF TIME$ NEVER LAST here

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