DIFF CLOTH – Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection.

I had a conversation with the founders of a local streetwear brand, DIFF CLOTH, about their brand and their Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. I want to keep the introduction of this particular article brief because the answers encompasses of all the important information about the brand and how it sprouted. Iā€™m

1. Where does the name DIFF CLOTH come from?

There were so many ideas around naming the brand. Our only inspiration was to own a clothing line and grow the idea to mainstream media. We would change names week after week trying to come up with a suitable name sometimes we’d come up with one and other creatives would sometimes take inspiration from which led us to rebrand countless times before we came up with DIFF CLOTH. Our approach was to create a page and grow a following by writing short stories about the brand’s inspiration before production, every idea that was flowing in our heads was either already on the internet or someone else had a similar idea. with the popular quote “cut from a different cloth and they don’t make that fabric anymore” sparked some idea and also listening to the famous rapper Shane Eagle’s lyrics on his song Yellow, “cut from a different cloth these jeans are assential“, pushed the idea further into consideration. We then decided on DIFFERENT CLOTH but shortened it to DIFF CLOTH.

2. When was this clothing brand started?

DIFF CLOTH is a society and culture clothing brand established in 2018. We released our first collection the same year in February, the Unisex Logo Collection which had casual pieces of branded T-shirts, Tote-bags, Hats and hoodies.

3. Out of all streetwear brands we have in the country, why should the masses buy DIFF CLOTH?

Our clothes are designed to appeal to young people and the apparel selection guarantees that every individual that has appreciation for youth culture can find a perfect fit. DIFF CLOTH believes that original designs and quality are most important factors for brand success and we produce a variety of unanticipated creativity in our product line of hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, hats and beanies with more items to be released living up to our selling prices which are very affordable. We offer strong durable garments that are also easily accessible to anyone who wants to buy. This brand also caters for all genders.

4. Tell us about the AW21 collection.

In the Autumn/Winter 2020 collection we released a collection of a 3 set of different Tie-Tye hoodies with a slogan, “please tie-dye this garment for maximum potential” in limited quantities and the demand was very high to a point were we decided to release our second batch of the same hoodie’s in this year’s Autumn/Winter collection along with more other drops as every season has its new drop. We have already released hoodies under the ā€œSociety and Cultureā€ title that were modeled by @Lethabo.Laurent and @micheal_ shooter as part 1 and we are still yet to realise part 2 in collaboration with @Carmen_Kayleen and 3 with @sista_ntswembu and her nails company @nailed.ntswembu and hair company @braidedbygods.

In addition to this year’s Autumn/Winter release we have puffer jackets and new beanies with a waterproof logo tag set to drop in 2 weeks time. Other items will be available for orderings as per accomplished collaboration projects as they form part of our AW21 plans.

5. What should we look out for in the future from your brand?

DIFF CLOTH is a business of youth fashion more than anything, what you can expect from us is more collaborations with upcoming artist as we are also working towards getting more recognition and growing our brand by working with other artists and creating a platform for ourselves to accomplish our dreams of having professional career and establishing our companies to bigger league’s.

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