A Rendition of Santu Mofokeng’s ‘The Black Photo Album.’

The Black Photo Album or Look at me: 1890 – 1950 is a body of work that encompasses of photography that is said to ‘analyse the sensibilities, aspirations and self-image of the black population and its desire for representation and social recognition in times of colonial rule and suppression.’

Friendly, which is described as not necessarily clothing brand oriented, but rather a design company and programming perimeter created its very own photography series that offers a 2021 re-imagined rendition of The Black Photo Album using a similar black and white photography medium as Mofokeng.

The only contrast between the original body of work and this rendition is that this ‘black family’ is content and joyful and not immersed into the apartheid depression and gloom that the black families had during the time Mofokeng captured their family portraits.

Photographer: Tshirelletso Calvin (@insta Calvin). Creative director/stylist: Thato Bokote (@mantarikisi). Muses: @tshidiso.mothusi & @jackbafazini.

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