The New Stimrol Ad Is The Type of Representation Queer Individual Yearn For.

Source: Instagram(@giantfilms)

Representation in media according to me and my understanding of media studies and mass communication, in a brief explanation is how each and every form of media portrays social issues, certain topics and individuals of various age, gender, sexuality and national groups or communities and so forth.

I read somewhere that media forms have the power to shape an audience’s knowledge and understanding about these important topics. So it’s quite important for us to be getting real representation of all groups and communities I mentioned above.

Stimorol South Africa recently released their new advert for their various stimorol flavored gum with Nkululeko Masemola, which was directed by Allison Swank.

The cast of this advert was queer-only and I don’t think we have EVER had that done and I absolutely love this for our advertising industry and it’s growth in real representations and for every queer individual that’ll get to see themselves through Nkuley.

I had the greatest opportunity to shoot one of the first fully queer casted adverts for Stimorol SA – I am writing this teary asf because this is really hat I’ve been working towards my entire life, it paid off and it was directed by my favorite person @swanksonswanks and she got ALL OF MY REAL FRIENDS IN? Life is so crazy guys – I hope we all get to live it, said Nkuley on an Instagram post.

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