Muzi Released Visuals For “New Dat.”

Source: Twitter @muzi

The self dubbed “Zulu Skywalker” Muzi is back with yet another banger titled “Need Dat” this time featuring TheTemple; an up and coming kwaito duo. And to no surprise he did not miss.

Transporting us back into the kwaito times with his traditionally infused style. This is something he does frequently and he always pulls it off beautifully, evoking sweet nostalgia while pushing himself forward as an artist and constantly evolving.

He released the music video for the song on the 3rd of July, which by the way is a must-watch that has scenes of Amapantsula doing what they do best and as a visual enhancement of the overall feel of the song. A lost skill amongst artists.

Vele ingoma zami ilenhlobo emnandi“, which goes to show us that even he is aware of how much we feed off his good vibes. We are hopeful for yet another Muzi project following all the singles he’s been releasing.

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