Five @ Five: with Nokukhanya Mnisi.

Khanya Mnisi is our guest this week and besides her being drop dead gorgeous, she is a fashion model in the making. She jumps from set to set being in front of the camera. We recently worked with Khanya at Levi’s Haus of Strauss this last couple of months for our 50 Shades of Denim campaign. Khanya’s face is known by many, but soon to be known by a whole lot more. Here’s this week’s Five @ Five dialogue;

1. Who is Khanya? How would Khanya describe herself?

uNokukhanya Gama Mnisi is easily a reserved whimsical creative, a muse to be exact. I enjoy being captured by talented photographers, dressed by the finest stylist and dolled up by skilled cosmetologists. I may not be a social butterfly but I perform in my optimum level when I am in a productive, conceptual and social setting.

2. Are you signed to an agency? If not, how has it been navigating the modeling space without representation?

I am currently an independent model patiently waiting to be sourced out by a potential agency. I’ve been navigating the modeling scene without representation through my friends, local brand owners, social media messaging system and some people I know.

Khanya for Braided by Gods

3. Who are your top fashion inspirations?

I am easily inspired merely by anything from my friends and random internet users, however my main fashion inspirations are Ida Broen, Ama Lou and Danie Sierra. I emulate their street and ‘bruh girl’ styles often.

4. We have been seeing a lot of you on different sets at Levi’s Haus of Strauss, who are you working with on those sets?

Both encounters I’ve spent at Levi’s Haus of Strauss have been delightful. My first time was with Culture Club – Magazine for their 50 shades of Denim campaign and the second encounter hopefully not last with the self proclaimed “Soweto A-Team” for a fashion/hair editorial. It was an absolute honor!

Khanya when she’s not on set

5. Which brand would you love to collaborate with in the near future?

Firstly I’d love to collaborate with these brands because they resonate with my style and will be a massive personal achievement and a milestone. Secondly a mindset shift and growth. Furthermore it would spark up passion. Lastly these brands are New Balance, C. & J. Clark and Arc’teryx.

Follow her on IG to get your hands on a model for your next brand photo shoot.

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