Culture Club x Jula Studios – Iso Liwela Umfula uGcwele.

Culture Club X Jula Studios presents

Iso liwela umfula ugcwele

“A metaphor for the endless horizon of a dream unbound by any limitations.”

Now I’m using this metaphor as a reference/ description of how as Culture Club and Jula Studios respectively, we’ve dreamt of one day having these platforms and doing what we love. Through this, we have pushed through it all to realize our dreams. We are platforms that celebrate, educate and shine a light on how beautiful it is to push through the grain and believe in your God given calling(s). This also goes back to the very first exhibition we did. In essence, I’m also celebrating that and celebrating us (women), since both these creative platforms are run by women. Beautiful, Amazing, Creative, South African women who are part of this ever changing climate.

This third instalment is, a celebration of the artist that are part of Jula Studios. The sub themes are an ode to phrases we grew up hearing. In a way, the sub themes that form part of this exhibition somewhat describe the artwork, one way or another. Since we kick started the exhibition name with an idiom, we figured, why not keep the theme running throughout the exhibition?

Thank you to the Jula Studios team for allowing us to showcase their amazing work.

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