An Ode to Ausi Bazala.

Yihle le ntombi madoda, ishaya ngama zinyo aluthotho-Moo Latte

Through out the entire fashion film, that one particular line I quoted at the top is, constantly repeated as, the song plays ever so softly in the background.

Ausi Bazala is a short fashion film directed by Sisterbozza for her S/S 21 collection. The short film is an aesthetically and visually pleasing offering that, beautifully showcases different pieces from the collection.

Photography source: Instagram(@sisterbozza)

Zinhle Mthembu, Nqobile Nxumalo and Side Effects 2.0 gracefully model these collection pieces while striking up fire poses, surrounded by greener postures.

Now we can’t talk about the fashion film without appreciating the beauty of it all. Wes Thesis and Simba Raws found a way to showcase this collection while also celebrating “ubuhle be ntombi.” In this context, the location, styling, creative direction by Sisterbozza, make-up by Mamello Mokhale and music by Moo Latte have, found a way to coexist in perfect harmony.

Photography source: Instagram(@sisterbozza)

Sisterbozza continues to use her love for fashion and creating as a medium to celebrate her day to day experiences. In a post she shared via her Instagram story, she shares how Ausi Bazala is my mom ‘Mabhodo’, my sisters and friends who have shown me so much love these are the very people she considers “top tier bozza”, who have been with her through it all.

Check out the fashion film along with some pieces from the collection here.

Keep doing what you love and do the most of it.”

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