Five @ Five: with Glen & Siyababa.

Glen Guilherme is one of the baddest b*tch in town with a small waist, pretty face and working on their big bank by modeling and spinning the decks. Glen has been featured on faculty press and Vogue magazine with other queer queens including; Ella Rose, K Skits and Nkuley just to name a few.

Siyabonga Mtshali known famously as Siyababa is a self-proclaimed Zulu astronaut and the father and fashion designer of a luxury brand Siyababa Atelier. Siyababa exudes and radiates sex appeal and big d*ck energy, not only in his day to day life, but in his gqom luxury appeal clothing brand as well. He has had his dress (the foam dress) featured on Vogue Magazine and he dressed Boity for her debut album, 4436 cover.

We got a chance to ask them a couple of questions about themselves and here’s how it went:

1. For those who may not know, who is Glen and who is Siyababa?

G – Glen Guilherme is an emerging stylist and dj drawing, inspiration from European rave culture and African queer scene.

S – I’m never aware of who I am until I say something, I think right now you speaking to siyababa instead of Siyabonga Mtshali cause I’m feeling vicious.

2. As Luyanda from Nyan’ Nyan’ would say, “yintoni eyak’u attracter kuye”, what attracted you the most to your partner?

G – Absolutely everything. The wildness and the kind, beautiful and fearless heart that comes with it.

S – Their face is just as beautiful as their heart.

3. How does it feel to be a young, happily open queer couple in 2021 living in South Africa?

G – Liberating & kind of scary, because anything can happen at any given moment.

S – Great, but I don’t think the law would have stopped it from feeling this fucking good. 

4. What’s one thing you absolutely love about each other?

G – We will never let go of each other, “we are ride or dies” FOREVER.

S – Siyathandana! 

5. Are there any new work adventures you’ll be taking head on this year, pandemic or not?

G – In the past years I’ve taken time to find myself and pin point my strengths. This year I’m introducing myself as a stylist and dj fully.

S – Siyababa Online is launching soon to make our garments accessible to the general public. Glen and I are also starting a styling company, I’m to show you what they have install for the world.

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